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Airplane Mode 2020 Film | Larissa Manoela | Modo Avião

What's your review of the 2020 film Airplane Mode (or Modo Avião)? It's directed by César Rodrigues, and stars Larissa Manoela.

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About Airplane Mode 2020

Wondering where to watch Airplane Mode? If you know anywhere to stream or watch Airplane Mode full movie online free, feel free to share this information! Most of the films and TV shows I review can be found on Amazon Prime, Netflix, DVD, or blu-ray.

Airplane Mode plot from IMDb:

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters (and English voice actors)

Ana - Larissa Manoela (Brianna Knickerbocker)

Germano - Erasmo Carlos (Doug Stone)

Carola - Katiuscia Canoro (Roxanna Ortega)

João - André Frambach (Nick Thurston)

Inácio - Michel Bercovitch (Devin Henessey)

Laura - Sílvia Lourenço (Julie Ann Taylor)

Rebeca - Mariana Amâncio (Angie Sarkisyan)

Fausto - Phellyx Moura (Dani Ornellas)

Julia - Nayobe Nzainab (Daisy Koprowski)

Gil - Eike Duarte (Kyle McCarley)

Mara - Amanda Orestes (Julia Griswold)

Victoria - Helga Nemetik

Actor - Adriano Fanti

Directed by César Rodrigues

Written by Renato Fagundes, Alice Name-Bomtempo

Production company: A Fábrica

Distributed by Netflix

Release date: 23 January 2020

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