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A Song for the Season 1999 Christmas Film | A Holiday Romance

What's your review of the 1999 Christmas film A Song for the Season (or A Holiday Romance)? It's directed by Bobby Roth.

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About A Song for the Season 1999

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A Song for the Season plot from IMDb:

The trailer can be found online.

Cast and Characters:

Naomi Judd as Lily Waite

Andy Griffith as Jake Peterson

Gerald McRaney as Cal Peterson

Alison Pill as Fern

Jayne Eastwood as Margie

Taborah Johnson as Anne Hutchinson

Jackie Richardson as Bea Buskins

Brian Heighton as Todd

Jack Duffy as Irwin

Sumela Kay as Clarissa

Adam Dolson as Del

Nathan Carter as Hal

Martha Gibson as Donna

Andrea Lewis as Autumn

Aron Tager as Joseph

Ken Wickes as Pete

The Essentials with Paula MacNeill as singers

Written by Darrah Cloud

Directed by Bobby Roth

Music by Christopher Franke, Edgar Rothermich

Production company: Jaffe/Braunstein Productions

Original network: CBS

Original release: December 8, 1999


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